~ In the deeply meditative space entered while creating I feel the energies in the crystals coming to life. Slowly coming into synchronicity with how each piece wants to be strung. A collaboration and co-creation with the Deva Realm, infused with joy. 

~ Upon completion of each piece, I feel a deep wave of gratitude and excitement. Knowing that the immense energy infused has a purpose and healing quality that is bringing a higher frequency to the Collective and the Planet.

~ It brings me such Joy to share these embodiment’s with you, knowing you will honor and keep their sacred energy alive.  ~ Genna Howard      



~ Astrology is the wisdom of how the cosmic clock works and the timing and unfolding of multiple dimensions. Just as the tides are affected by the moon, we are affected by the cosmic currents of planetary frequencies. In Evolutionary Astrology, it is called Natural Law.

~ We use Vastu to align our environments with Natural Law via specific placements of gemstones. If we honor Mother Nature and her multiverse, our lives will reflect and receive the positive flow of planetary energies. In this way, the highest and best outcome is achieved and the quality of every aspect of our life will improve.

“I chose to work with Genna because she’s clearly very talented. Like myself she can see and hear the Deva realm as it throws around the beads and puts them where it wants them. Once I realized that, I offered to work with her on a daily basis to mentor her. Genna’s Vastus are as good as mine any day and are made with guidance from myself and the Deva realm.” ~Tashi Powers, Evolutionary Astrologer  




~ The Tantric Mala Necklace is a sacred geometrically designed necklace, a tool for higher consciousness. Powerful healing and protective benefits are infused within the sacred geometry of the design and intentions coded into the weaving. This non repeating binary pattern is a conduit of Tantric Energy, a unique flow that travels diagonally similar to a “Z”. Energy flow becomes stronger when traveling diagonally. Being in contact with this energy promotes personal growth, abundance, physical and mental health. 

~ When wearing this unique tool the aura is vibrating the totality of creation. A powerful and pure Love frequency. An embrace of immense grace, helping you to keep growing and giving.