~ In the deeply meditative space entered while creating I feel the energies in the crystals coming to life. Slowly coming into synchronicity with how each piece wants to be strung. A collaboration and co-creation with the Deva Realm, infused with joy. 

~ Upon completion of each piece, I feel a deep wave of gratitude and excitement. Knowing that the immense energy infused has a purpose and healing quality that is bringing a higher frequency to the Collective and the Planet.

~ It brings me such Joy to share these embodiment’s with you, knowing you will honor and keep their sacred energy alive.  ~ Genna Howard      




~ The Tantric Mala Necklace is a sacred geometrically designed necklace, a tool for higher consciousness. Powerful healing and protective benefits are infused within the sacred geometry of the design and intentions coded into the weaving. This non repeating binary pattern is a conduit of Tantric Energy, a unique flow that travels diagonally similar to a “Z”. Energy flow becomes stronger when traveling diagonally. Being in contact with this energy promotes personal growth, abundance, physical and mental health. 

~ When wearing this unique tool the aura is vibrating the totality of creation. A powerful and pure Love frequency. An embrace of immense grace, helping you to keep growing and giving.